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With all property aperations, progress is initiated through attainment of the property itself. Through a trusted title-providing representative, the home's value is appropriatedly assessed and an offer can be made by upper management representatives. Properties are attained via trustee sales, MLS, bulksale, wholesale, and HUD at reduced prices as a result of their decrepit state.

Once a property is attained, all ownership documents are processed, recorded and available for investors to see through HomeRock's proprietary software. Critical attention is provided to properties with inhabitants as vacancy must be achieved in a timely fashion through fiscal incentives. Utility coordination must also be implemented to ensure construction proceeds efficiently.

Rehab construction embodies a multi-faceted project phse in which HomeRock has implemented an accountable yet efficient solution. In any region, relationships are established with local management, general contractors and sub contractors to perform rehabilitative work on properties. Not only are these parties each responsible for their own role in producing a market-ready home, but they are also required to submit photos of their work to HomeRock; a system that prevents scamming and provides investors with visual progress of their assets.

The final phase in a HomeRock project is during the marketing and sale of a property. Through trusted real-estate partnerships, refurbished properties are sold at maximum value to provide HomeRock's contributors with profitable margins. In addition to pre-sale construction, customer service provided by HomeRock ensures that sold homes properly serve their new owners.

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