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Home Rock
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About Us


HomeRock began work with distressed real estate assets in 2009. After the housing market crashed, business practices shifted to attainment of vacant, foreclosed properties and their rehabilitation into marketable homes. HomeRoc's success has driven its growth over the past four years towards a nation scope with a more diverse market. Current goals involve taking the finely-tuned business models that have proven successful in California and implementing them throughout the country, targeting all types of real estate that fails to serve its community at maximum potential.


Our diversified fund focuses across the nation where housing markets vary. In California, recent housing market recovery has begun and current prices have reduced the quantity of foreclosures. However, this shrinking market is not representative of the nation as Florida and Virginia continue to exhibit foreclosures that compose the bulk of the market share. In addition to regions with limited foreclosures, areas with relatively healthy and stable housing markets exist, so HomeRock has also adapted to shrinking markets through attainment of outdated homes that are also under serving their communities. Whether markets are rising on the East or falling in the West, HomeRock's versatility is capable of making the absolute most of any given market.


HomeRock not only raises the value of a neighborhood, provides new homeowners with a quality product, rejuvenates the the housing market and promotes the nation's economic growth, but we deliver consistent, rocksolid returns to our investors. Despite market conditions, our teams are diversified to handle unexpected growing or shrinking markets and producing habitable homes.

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