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We acquire, manage, develop, and joint venture on single family and mixed use land projects. Our management team has significant experience in Land Acquisition and Development from a homebuilder's perspective. Our experience in valuing land projects during the premium real estate years, and also during the heavy market downturn of distressed land projects is unique. We specialize in determining the current value of any land project, the possible future values, determining product mixes, marketing to end users, and finally the management and successful completion. Click on one of the strategies below to learn more.

A short term land project is unique in that there are only a few viable options to maximize the current value. For land holders looking for short term help, we may buy your land outright, we may partner with you by bringing the capital needed to overcome short term distress, or we can increase the value of the land in the short-term to prepare for a marketed sale. Options to increase value in the short term could be to process entitlements, begin or finish improvements, determine product mixes, etc. Each project is different, so valuation improvement will vary from deal to deal.

  • We'll buy
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  • We'll Help
    Maximize Short
    Term Value

In today's market, these are the most common land without rx projects available. Several options are available to either sell the project to a new party in the next 2-3 years after maximizing value, or transferring ownership into a new joint venture where the project is continued with shareholders of the original participants

  • Entitle
    and Sell
    to Developer
  • Complete Improvements & Sell Finished Lots to Builders
  • Split project
    into share holders
    to sell portion
    of project

Very few people are interested in entering the long term land market in today's market. Although a long term land project requires ongoing maintenance expenses just to hold the property, creative contracts, financing options, and purchase options can help mitigate these costs, while keeping the upside opportunity that long term land projects can create. With our partners, we are strategically looking to acquire long term land holdings for future development.

  • Research
  • Acquire
    Land in Strategic
  • Selective
  • Develop
  • Sell Project
    or Build-Out

Special Project Funding

We want to joint venture on nearly all types of real estate ventures. Whether an investor needs construction funding, long term partners, help with investment pools, bridge financing of land deals, quick liquidation strategies, etc we want to find a way to create partnerships that combine project funding with experienced management practices to make baclofen cost best deal and ultimate quality. and to every deal a success.

Distressed Home Rock

Delinquent, Distressed, Damaged, and Foreclosed Single Family Homes.

We maximize the current value of these assets, or produce profit on these assets by increasing the value of assets acquired from others. We are constantly trying to acquire more assets from a variety of sources. If you have distressed assets that you need to liquidate, we are likely interested in purchasing.

A successful acquisition for a portfolio begins with research. Our hands on research approach leads to profitable acquisitions, diversified products, and long term success.

Once the research is complete, property acquisitions are very quick. From instant closings on trustee sales to 10 day portfolio purchases, all cash purchases quickly get the investment off the ground.

The management of the asset includes establishing the plan for each asset, maximizing value of each asset, and liquidating for the highest new value possible. Each asset is reviewed frequently and plans change to meet the changing market.

The liquidation strategy will most likely begin at a profitable sale of the newly increased value of each asset. Liquidation strategies change as the market changes, but knowing the current value at any given time is crucial in effectively managing the liquidation strategy.

Loan Pools

Portfolio of large number of distressed home loans

There are significant barriers to entry to the loan pool market, but with the right capital and contacts, these acquisitions can lead to Win current owners and occupants. By reducing principle balances, these loan workouts can be highly profitable and still help current owners who have become delinquent.

Research, timing, capital, and project teams are critical in acquiring the right portfolios.

Every Effort is made to adjust the current loan to terms that are reasonable to both the note holders, and the home owners. Most loans will modify and begin the new seasoning process, others will begin other liquidation processes.

The new loan terms need to be seasoned to make sure the home owner can fulfill the new loan obligations. While modified loans are being seasoned for 12-24 months, other homes will begin the liquidation process. The first step is an assisted short sale where members of our team will list and manage the sale of each home. Foreclosure and REO resale is a last resort.

At the end of the investment cycle the investment pool will complete the liquidation process. All seasoned modified loans will be re-sold to prospective note holders. Short sales will be completed, and any foreclosed properties will be re-sold.

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